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  •   Art and creativity are in same cradle; together they form the world of arts in all their aspects. The essence of art is innovation and talent; it is doing what you are gifted with professionalism and intelligence, and since we have the elements of power of this sublime area in all their different patterns along with long experience, we together with a group of innovators have incorporate Pearl of Art Cinematography Corporation, and in spite of its humble history and intense rivalry, we gain the trust of our audience, artists and the innovators. It is worth mentioning that there is nothing more important than being a milepost in a sector full of variety and competition, so Beirut, the capital of art, artists and the creative was the warm lap for our corporation along with the Dubai, the promising capital. In brief, we at Pearl of Art seek to be that inspiration and the flame which light the path of art and beauty.  
  • Manar BASHOUR

زكريا | قاصد تقهرني | Zakaria | Ased Te2harne

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In the world of art, we look for the idea since it is the essence of work. We roam through a lot of places looking around us for an idea to draw about it an artistic production and a creative work that reach the audience and the creators alike. Even if it is not easy, we are willing to collaborate with creators around the world to deliver our message in upscale and innovative art.


Each project we implement and produce has a deliberate plan, laid out by a team of experts, technicians, and technologists, who have long-term vision and strategic thinking, in order to conduct all production processes without any obstacles, and overcome any difficulties if they occur. Continuous and strategic planning and attentiveness to the most precise details of the work or project guarantee the success of any artistic event or creative work no matter what level it is, and that is what sets us apart and ensures our presence at the top clients and artists options.


It is one of the most accurate stages of the project because it is simply the phase that results in what we aspire to of creative and artistic paintings in the world of music and cinema through putting out the idea or the message intended to deliver to the audience of any work or artistic event in progress, and therefore we do everything we can to come out with the art work in the best image.

Marketing and Promoting

One of the most important elements of the success and spread of any art work of any kind and level is the service of promoting and marketing of the art work. Since we in, Pearl of Art, want to be the ideal choice for our customers and creators, we offer the comprehensive set from the beginning and till the work appears in all artistic and media fields, radio stations and television by promoting and marketing within promotional, advertising and media plans thoroughly elaborated by the most important experts of promotion and marketing of all kinds and domains.

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